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A New Project and Amazing Support!

I thought I would share one of the pieces that I am working on to be sold in my booth at The Purple Painted Lady Festival in September.  I found this table at a moving sale sitting over to the side of the lawn where it was barely noticeable.  This sad little table was being ignored.  I went over and gave it a looksee.  It had definitely been “well used”. But, it was unique and it had a good shape. And for $5, I took it home!

The finish was already off, so I did not have to strip the wood.  The veneer on the sides was chipped so I had to remove it.

I took the veneer off using a putty knife and hammer being very careful so I would not gouge the wood underneath. 

Next, I sanded the top using an orbital sander with medium-grit sandpaper.

I switched to a fine-grit sandpaper to get a smooth finish. I then wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove all the dust before staining. 

I like to mix stains for depth. I used Dark Walnut and Gunstock Minmax. I mixed them together in a separate container and tested it on a piece of scrap wood until I got the color I wanted.

It’s really coming along nicely.  I will be unveiling the finished product soon!

On another note, I knew when I started my Blog, I would have the support of my family and friends. What took me by surprise was the excitement they felt for me and their willingness to help. They became my eyes and ears on the street looking for furniture pieces and home décor items I could use! I have received texts and emails telling me about upcoming garage sales, links to Craigslist etc. Just the other day one of my friends sent me pictures of furniture that had been left on the side of the road after a garage sale. I ended up going to the house and coming back with two beautiful bedframes and a mirror.

These were all free! 

Another time I was visiting my cousin Nancy in Boston and she took me to a Habitat Rehouse store. It was an amazing place! There were so many great pieces at great prices too. Unfortunately, my car had luggage in it, so space was limited.  Of course I fell in love with a dresser and had to purchase it.  All the way back to my cousins house, I crossed my fingers that it would fit in my car.  We tried every which way, but no go! My cousin and her husband Wally volunteered to drive the dresser to Saratoga where we would all be gathering for a wedding two weeks later.  True to their word, they drove the dresser and dropped it off in my Aunt’s garage for me to pick up before heading back to Rochester. I told them I should name the dresser after them (Nally or Wance) for going so far above and beyond the call to help!

I took the drawers with me the first time so I could at least start working on them.

It fit!

All of the support I have received from everyone, for simply sharing something that I love, is very humbling. I appreciate it so much! Thank you all!!

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