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A Wedding And Antiquing On An Impulse!

At the beginning of August, we attended the wedding of our beautiful niece Amanda and her husband Erik. It was a wonderful time with family and of course witnessing the beautiful union of two people who love each other very much is always very special.

Congratulations Amanda and Erik!

The next day we headed home. With no time frame for us to get home, we decided to extend our wonderful weekend by doing something we both love, antiquing. I plugged in antique stores nearby and The Syracuse Antique Exchange popped up. The description said it had four floors, 20,000 square feet of antiques to explore and it was on our way home. Woo Hoo!

We set our GPS and were on our way!

This is the back of the building. That’s a lot of floors to cover.

The entrance was so quaint.

My jaw dropped when I walked in. There was so much to see. In this picture alone the artwork, table, bookcase and chandelier blew me away.

I have been looking for pottery and decorative plates and there was a cornucopia of them but alas not enough time to go through them properly. In addition, there were too many shiny things pulling me elsewhere.

When I looked closer at these pieces, they had been decorated with cigar bands and lacquered over. So cool!

Some of the booths seemed to lean toward a certain style. This one was more mid-century modern.

This booth: That “70’s Show.”

Some of the booths had vintage clothing.

I purchased this purse in a booth with vintage items. I love that it snaps on the bottom.

These pieces of pottery were beautiful. Surprisingly the prices were not outrageous.

I liked the chairs, but they were humungous. I sat in one and felt like a little kid.

The further you went upstairs; the more mish mosh it seemed to get. It is difficult for me to think when everything is everywhere.

As we were leaving the store one of the booths was packing things up and I heard them say they were leaving for the Bouckville Antique show. We asked about the show, and they said it was the biggest show in New York State with 2,000 vendors running from August 14th-20th.

August 19th: Bouckville Antique Show here we come!

I don’t know why but as soon I started walking around, I was overwhelmed. I have been to large shows like Brimfield before and did not feel this way.

I was seeing a lot of items for collectors but nothing at this point that I was interested in.

Here I was thinking that we may have made the trip for nothing.

Then I saw these gorgeous corbels and knew there was stuff here for me.

Architectual details like this are so beautiful.


I loved this booth it was inviting and everything was well organized.

I could see this at an entrance to a garden.

These frames were made from old- reclaimed wood siding.

Some of the tents were empty. I’m not sure if that meant that they sold out or they just left.

This booth was selling everything for 1$. I purchased these three prints for my son who loves to fish.

I am not going to lie I was disappointed in this show. Maybe I was thinking it was going to be like Brimfield and my expectations were too high. I did however learn that the night before they had a torrential downpour which could be why tents were empty. We also came at the end of the show on the second to last day and several vendors said you need to come in the beginning of the show to get the best items.

Even though I did not have the best experience I will not mark it as a never go again. Instead, I will give it another try next year and come in the beginning like the vendors suggested. I also will research the vendors, so I know where to find what interests me.

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