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Annual New Year Organization!!

What is it about the start of a new year that makes you want to organize! I was in the midst of cleaning my pantry and cupboards and realized I never shared how I updated them. We do not have a lot of storage space in our kitchen. There is a small pantry and a few cupboards to house all the dishes, pots, pans and sundries. One day a year or so ago I opened the pantry and something fell out at me! That was the catalyst that started my overhaul. My first step was to research pantry and cupboard organizing ideas. The overall theme was to use containers and additional shelves to make the most of the small space. My next stop was Home Goods for OXO containers. I am not going to lie, they are kind of pricey. I looked at it as an investment in my piece of mind. My family looked at it as a way to keep me from complaining about the messy pantry and why didn’t they put things back where it belongs…yada, yada, yada!! So, I went to work on my pantry and cupboards to make them more attractive and easier to access items.

These containers are one of my favorite storage units. They are perfect for grouping small items together.

It holds all my measuring cups and spoons. When I am baking I don’t have to search for everything they are all in one place.

Plastic lids are anther item that is hard to find a place for. Using this container I am able to store them in order of size.

It sits right next to the glass containers! You don’t have to search through them to find the right size. Its already done!

This is my pantry. When I originally did this space I put contact paper on the back wall. It was the first and last time I will use contact paper!!

Wire risers on the shelf lets you put items on top and underneath.

Again I am able to use the same containers in the pantry. Two, hold all my baking needs and the other a variety of teas.

The OXO storage canisters can stack on top of each other to allow for optimal use of space.

On this shelf I put all cooking wines and vinegars in one unit. The Lazy Susan has oil, honey and syrup. I put the pasta in a tall container to use vertical space rather than horizontal.

The top shelf is used for cereal and snacks.

The bottom is for backup items. We used to store these items in the basement, but we kept buying the same thing.

My pantry is small, but by organizing and using containers I was able to double the space. It can still get messy and yes I do complain a little, but finding what your looking for is so much easier!

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