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Bushel Basket Lids or Flower Baskets?


In my previous blog entry, I showed you how to embrace a six foot privacy fence by hanging lanterns down the entire length.  I love the way the fence looks now, but it needs some color. I have seen pictures of beautiful hanging baskets on fences and wanted to do something similar. But the cost of the solar lanterns left me with a small budget to purchase flower baskets. I started looking around the garage to see if there was something I could possibly use. I came across bushel basket lids my husband and I purchased last year for a dollar each and we had about twenty.  I had planned to use them for holiday wreaths, but had not gotten around to making them.   After seeing the lids again, an idea came to mind to make flower holders out of them. Looking at the lid, I thought that if I could make a pocket, I could possibly put flowers in it.

My idea was to cut one in half and attach it to a whole to create a pocket! (Are you confused?)

Here is my husband cutting one in half

Two halves

When I went to put them together I hit a snag! The pocket it created was not wide enough to hold flowers.


I remembered seeing  a DIY show about shaping wood by putting it in water and bending it around a mold to change the shape. So…

I let it soak overnight

I wrapped it around a bucket, but it didn’t give it enough bow, so I added a small plastic pot. 

After it dried, the new shape made a perfect pocket for flowers!

I then whitewashed the separate pieces using a “very loved” can of Annie Sloan Country Grey chalk paint and water!


Painted front, back and sides to give it a more finished look!

After they dried, I attached the pieces using wire on the sides and bottom.

After I add wire, I touch it up with paint.

When I put them together, I had to make sure the wire loop was on top, so you can attach the s-hook to hang it.

I put cocoa plant liners in each bushel basket pocket…

I filled them with potting soil…

Added flowers…

And…here you have it! I really like the rustic look and once the flowers start trailing, it will be beautiful!

fence 2 flowers

Once I finish all the bushel basket pockets, I will post more pictures!

Next up: I will be working on some pieces of furniture to sell at The Purple Painted Lady Festival in September!

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