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China Cabinet Makeover and Styling!

Did you ever avoid something hoping it would go away? That is how I felt about my front room. During our addition/renovation it was a dumping ground for anything and everything. We really had no choice. It was one of the only rooms not touched by the renovation. Given that, we now have ample room to store everything. I had no excuses left. Time to face the music!

I started by clearing away items that did not belong . I made three piles keep, give away or toss. It was a great feeling to start getting things in order! After everything was cleared out. It was time for a thorough cleaning. I wiped walls, cleaned windows, took the drapes down to have cleaned, and used my Little Green Machine upholstery cleaner on the sofa. The room was looking great. Next up, I pulled everything off the shelves and inside the cabinets for a good dusting. When I was finished, I looked at everything I had taken out and my mind started to wander into its “lets try that mode”. Usually, not a good sign! If I was not me, I would have been done. Just put everything back on the shelves and call it a day. But, that is not how I roll. I wanted to change things up. Everything was already out. What better time than now. Or, I could have read a book, had a glass of wine or dare I say relax. Ha, ha, who am I kidding!

This piece was my husband’s grandmother’s. I like it, but it has always been hard to style. The bubbled glass makes it almost impossible to see anything inside.

I told you my mind was wandering. Deciding to take the doors off had nothing to do with my husband (remember it was his grandmother’s) not being home. Or did it?

What a difference a door (coming off) makes! First, it looks less formal. Second, you can see what is inside.

I could not wait to style it. Oh the possibilities!

I had no intention of painting or changing the integrity of the piece, but the space where the hinges had been had to be addressed. To remedy this problem, I used acrylic paints to camouflage the area.

This pitcher was actually my husband’s grandmother’s also. I thought it apropos to put it front and center!

Next, came pieces from Pottery Barn. The indigo color pulls out the same in the pitcher!

I thought there was too much blue vertically, so I moved them horizontally. The shelf that is bothering people who like symmetry (like me) did get adjusted. I did not notice it until the final picture.

I continued to get my inspiration from the pitcher. I hunted around the house for green and found this bowl from Pottery Barn.

I pulled this from my family room. I thought the green accent and wood tones would work perfectly.

I really liked where this was going. The only issue I had, was running out of decorative pieces.

I started to scour the whole house when I came upon Melamine plates from Pottery Barn (I do love my Pottery Barn). I was using them as wall art.

That was the answer. You can’t even tell it is melamine.

This was the first time I was able to fully display items and see them. Love it!

I finished the look with the mother and child statue and two vases.

Done you say? Not! My wandering mind did not stop there.

I also want to revamp the mantle and adjoining shelves.

From past experience. This is going to take awhile. I will keep you posted on the progress.

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