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Color Or No Color?

My design style has changed many times over the years. But my love of color has remained constant. Color has always been part of my design through paint, fabrics, rugs and accessories. Recently, I have been rethinking using color on the walls. Since the new space from the addition/renovation is a more open floor plan, I decided to experiment with neutral paint colors. I painted the front room and entry way with Behr paint in Doeskin Gray and Moth Gray. I love the richness of the colors and how it does not compete with the contents in each room. I decided to continue the neutral color palette into the renovated kitchen and family room. I chose Behr paint in Dove. It is a beautiful color that enhances all the natural light coming in. With all of this said, I find myself struggling with all the neutral colors. I really believe it is the right design choice and I just have to be patient until everything is in place (furniture, draperies, pillows, rugs etc.) Everyone who knows me well is probably laughing right now. But, I know myself. Unless I keep busy, I will paint the walls all over again! So, what did I do? I painted my stick lamps a neutral color! Ha Ha….

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture before I started to paint. This photo is when we started to move everything in preparation for the construction. As you can see the lamps are black and need to be painted.

Here is the painted lamp. I like the color, but no surprise, it disappears into the wall. I added some decorative beads to give it texture and help break up the sameness. It helped, but I was still wanting color, so I decided to change the lamp shade . I went to the Ballard Design website and found an array of colors to choose from.

I went with a French blue lamp shade. I would say I added some color!

Here they are in the room. I am really not sure which one I like better. I would love some feedback! Which one do you like? Lamp #1 with the beige Paisley lamp shade or #2 with the French blue?

I also have some news about my utility sink. Our contractor and the plumber figured out a way to install it securely without needing to add legs to it. YAY!

When construction was happening on the laundry I told them about the sink. Because the sink is so heavy they put extra support in the wall. The bracket holds the sink was put right into that support.

It took two guys to carry the sink. It is a beast!

They had to cut the wallpaper to get to the pipes. Luckily we have extra.

This is as far as they got on the first pass. We needed to order a new faucet. The spout on on the current one sticks out too much. I am so excited to finally see it up I can not wait until its all finished!

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