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Continuing to do what I do!

It is strange writing a Blog at a time like this. Things are changing everyday. I worry about what lays ahead of us in the following months. Not only for myself, family and friends, but for everyone affected by closings, loss of employment, individuals that are in the vulnerable population and the isolation of social distancing. The only thing we can do is keep moving forward! Taking one day at a time! I will keep writing, creating and sharing it all with you. In doing so I hope it will provide a little distraction!

I have been home from work since Monday. Our school closed last week and will remain closed until it is safe for students and staff to return. To keep myself busy I started to tear my house apart. I don’t mean in the deep cleaning since, I mean literally tearing it apart!

I started by removing the medallions on the risers on our staircase. I put them on many years ago and it was time for a change.

                              They were glued on so I carefully removed them.

I used the side of the hammer so I could keep it at a straight angle. This prevented any gouging of the wood.

Here we are! I still have to sand the risers. Once that is done I want to paint them white. I am also going to try refinishing the treads myself. Wish me luck!

            Next on the agenda was removing the wainscoting in our family room.

Removing the wainscoting was pretty easy. It was fun seeing the previous looks this room has had. I remember this stripe. It was hand painted and took forever!!

            I was able to save the bead board and hope to use it in the powder room.

After all the bead board was removed. It was now on to the baseboard.

                                            First I took off the shoe molding.

IMG_6229 (2)

I then tackled the baseboard. It turned out to be a bear! The hardwood floor was put in after the wainscoting was already on. It made it difficult to get leverage to pull the nails out.

          I had to get creative in order to reach the nails. I took the blade out of a hacksaw.

              By removing the blade I was able to reach the nail and saw it in half.

This is the cut nail. It took longer than I thought it would. I was able to remove the baseboard, but it took over three hours!

                                                               No more base board.

I thought it would be fun to show you the rest of my house. Yikes! I am not worried, I will take it one day at a time and get it done!

I hope everyone will take moments to breath, reach out to family and friends via technology, play with your children, take a walk, read a book and enjoy the time together!

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