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Creating A Cottage Garden: Part Two!

It started with Creating A Cottage Garden: Part One, Then 1.5 and finally Creating A Cottage Garden: Part Two!

Thanks for taking the ride with me! Let’s get to the results!

After our addition/renovation this little corner area was formed. It was in rough shape, but I took one look and thought this would be the perfect spot for my cottage garden!

A recap of Cottage Garden: Part One, after rototilling, I added a focal point (birdbath) and some pavers.

Next steps, I bought perennials and created a design plan for placement.

This is where I ended Creating A Cottage Garden: Part One!

After planting everything I took an assessment of what I thought it still needed. I wanted to enclose it somehow without losing the cottage feel.

I was watching Garden Answer on You Tube where they made a really cute fence out of pallets. I loved the look and wanted to make one for my garden.

I located some pallets and gave it a try.

Getting the boards off was no easy task.

I managed to get four boards off then the trouble started. The boards kept breaking because they were so hard to remove. I looked into buying a reciprocating saw but it cost more than I wanted to spend. So, the fence idea was put on hold.

Instead of a fence, I decided to use boxwood shrubs as an enclosure.

I really like this look. Of course, it will take a while for my bushes to get this mature.

Even though they are small, the bushes will definitely give the illusion of a separate space.

I used a tape measure to keep them straight and the same width apart.

On my wish list for my garden is a water fountain. I may not be able to swing a full water fountain for now, but I found a solar powered bird bath fountain.

I almost didn’t get this picture. It had been raining all day and the fountain will not work without sun. There was a break in the rain and the sun came out. I was able to get the shot! It’s really cool!

My first cottage garden!

I will post updates on the garden’s growth and the changes I may make along the way.

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