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Drawer Turned Into Charging Station!

I know it is necessary to charge our electronic devices, but do they have to be charging everywhere? This past weekend, as I was walking through the house, I saw devices on the kitchen counter, the buffet in the dining room and on the side table in the family room.

I had looked at charging stations in the past that held all the devices neatly in one place, but the station with all the devices was still in plain sight. I want them all together but hidden away. With this in mind, I looked around the house and settled on the cabinet in the family room as a good place. Our television sits on top of it, but underneath it has a ton of storage. It would be the perfect place to put all our devices.

With a plan in place, I got to work!

The cabinet has four large drawers down the middle and I cleared out the top one for the station.

I drilled a hole in the back of the cabinet and the back of the drawer. The cabinet already had a hole in the back for the television wire so what are two more.

I had some left over felt that I put in the bottom to line the drawer.

It looks neater and will help protect the devices.

Next, I fed the wires through the hole in the drawer and the back of the cabinet to be plugged in.

I had these metal stands and thought they would be perfect to hold the phones.

How cool is this!

Now the computer.

No more devices everywhere!

I added this container for wallets and keys. One stop and everything will be right there!

Now you see it, now you don’t!

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