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Drop Cloth Drapes And Bee Plates: Money Savers!

When you are doing a major addition/renovation like we have been doing for the last nine months, every penny you can save matters. I am always on the lookout for ways to stay within a budget without compromising style. Over the years, I have gathered many ideas from design shows, blogs, magazines etc. Sometimes I use the information immediately or store it away for a later date. One such idea, I have been kicking around for awhile is using canvas drop cloth to make drapes. This concept is not new to me. I came across it years ago in a blog I follow, ” Miss Mustard Seed”. She used drop cloth to make slip covers and to reupholster her dining room chairs. I have since used drop cloth to reupholster dining room chairs and other chairs I have sold. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. The material is so stiff when it first comes out of the packaging, I did not see how it would work. But, after several washings it softens and takes on the look of linen. That being said it was also off white and with two small boys, I could see a disaster waiting to happen. Of course there were many spills, but the drop cloth held up beautifully. I was sold on using drop cloth for future projects!

On to present day and the need for drapes in my new office space. The room has taken on a French cottagey look. I wanted drapes that were off-white, with an airy, casual look that did not cost a lot. Drop cloth popped right into my mind. It is the perfect solution, off white, casual look, airy romantic feel! Boom!

In my search for ways to save money, I have also used decorative plates as art work several times. It has become a tried and true method to create beautiful and affordable pieces. Naturally, when I came upon the most adorable bee plates for the laundry room, I knew I would be going in that direction.

My original dining room chairs upholstered with drop cloth.

My drapery material…

See how the drop cloth takes on the look of linen material.

Once I finished the drapery panels, I felt it needed a little something more. I had left over drop cloth and started playing with ideas.

It started to look like what I called a ruffle pleat.

After pinning all the pleats, I realized how much work I was making for myself; times two since I needed one for each panel!

The finished product. To think these started out as drop cloth!

The infamous ruffle pleats. It took about five hours to pin and sew both of them. Not too bad for a first try!

I did not open the drapes because the front yard is still a mess from all the the trucks and machinery used in construction. Once the weather gets warmer they are going to grade it and reseed the lawn.

I found these adorable bee plates at Michael’s. They were not the right colors for the laundry room, but I knew I could modify them using yellow, green and black permanent makers.

I used yellow permanent maker to change the flower pots from purple to yellow.

Then I used black permanent marker to change the lettering.

Mistakes…no worries! Nail polish remover takes it off and you can try again!

They are going to “bee” perfect in the laundry room!

Next, I added Velcro to the plate and the back of a shadow box to secure it all together. (I know what your thinking, but it works great).

The black frames were the right answer.

I think we could all take some life lessons from our bee friends!

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