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Easy come, easy go!

Last Friday, I was in Rehouse Architectural Salvage in Rochester N.Y when I came upon a really cool piece. It was a very unique antique wash stand.

rehouse 3

It needed some work, but the lines and detail were great!

When I saw it I thought it could be perfect for the new powder room. I put the piece on hold so I could check with my plumber to see if he could fit it with a regular sink. When I got home I sent pictures to the plumber and he said it was a go. I could not get back to the store until Monday so I had the weekend to envision it in the powder room. I don’t know about you, but this is where I can get into trouble. I saw the piece being a show stopper and looking perfect in that space.

rehouse 2

Except (this is where the trouble begins) I had not actually seen it in the space yet. Monday came along and I went back to Rehouse to purchase the wash stand. I took it home and put it in the powder room. It did not look like the show stopper I had envisioned. It was too short and a little too wide. The space between the toilet and basin would be too tight. I tried putting it off center for more space, but I did not like that either. I had let myself get caught up in the idea of the piece instead of waiting to see it in the room.

rehouse 1

As they say, easy come easy go! This has happened to me before and I have learned to not be too disappointed. Lucky for me Rehouse gives full refunds if returned in one day! I returned the basin and got a full refund. Hopefully, someone else will find the perfect place for it!

Now on to something else. The utility sink!

Thanks everyone for the input on color choice between black or yellow. In the end, yellow won out!

Addition update: I made a video of the inside renovation progress. I posted it on Instagram and this is the link.   Addition Update video

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