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Easy DIY Decorating for Easter!

I have seen Easter egg trees in magazines and on television and have always wondered where the idea came from. I did some research and found that it originated in Germany and is called Osterbaum, meaning Easter tree and it symbolizes new life.

This is a picture of a decorated tree. The eggs are blown and hand painted.

I decided to take this tradition inside and make my own Easter tree. However, the eggs were not blown nor hand painted eggs.

I used pussy willow branches that were purchased from Wegmans supermarket to shape the tree.

I put a large foam brick in a flowerpot to hold the branches in place.

I placed branches in the pot and then stepped back to check it out until I was satisfied with the result.

Once branches were set, I started on the faux eggs I was going to hang. I did not want to glue them to the ribbon, so I used a needle.

I put the needle through the ribbon and pushed it into the egg.

Then hung it on the tree.

I tried to hang the eggs, so each side was balanced.

Love how they look with the pussy willow branches.

I had left over Easter grass from last year and put it in the pot to cover the foam brick.

I also brought out the bunnies I purchased at Good Will a few months ago. The Easter egg tree looks amazing reflected in the mirror!

I will take tulips over roses anytime. They are just as beautiful and last a lot longer.

They are so cute!

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