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Family Room Refresh!

I decided to do a refresh of my family room. I rearranged the furniture by moving the couch in front of the window opposite the television and the two side chairs flanking the couch. I also switched out pillows and added some Fall décor. Everyone liked the new look including me, but the placement of the couch just did not seem right. I wasn’t sure why, so I turned to the internet and my stash of home décor magazines. I was looking for examples of couches in front of windows. In almost all of the pictures the drapes were hung so they framed the couch. In my room the couch went beyond the drapes making it look like the space was too small for the couch.

This is an example of the couch extending past the drapes. It closes off the space making the room feel small.

This picture has the drapery going beyond the couch. It immediately opens up the room giving the illusion of it being a much larger space.

To remedy the problem in our space, I just moved the drapery rod over eleven inches on both sides.

Just moving the rod that little bit changed the whole feel of the room. It feels much larger and the couch looks like it belongs now!

I really love the new set up. It is very esthetically pleasing to the eye. Of course the men in my family are in love with it for the optimal TV viewing!

I had been on the lookout for some Fall décor to display. My local grocery store had Artisanal pumpkins in beautiful shades. I liked the green and muted orange color. I surrounded it with a few golden leaves, tapered candles in an autumnal color, and my husband’s and my initials. L for Lori, M for Matt.

One of my dear friends gave me some berries from one of her trees. They had golden yellow, deep orange and red shades. I added some florals from Michael’s and it made a beautiful Fall arrangement.

Update: in last weeks post, I mentioned the green tablecloth on my dining room table and that I would explain it in todays post.


I have mentioned in previous post that I watch the Pottery Barn website for sales. Recently, I had been keeping a watch on their Belgian Linen napkins in dark green. They went on sale, but by the time I saw it, the green napkins were already sold out. Sad face...

I looked on other sites for similar napkins which were way to expensive. I started to think (which can be dangerous) about a table cloth I had that was old and had a small hole in it. With nothing to lose, I decided to dye it.

The first color I tried was Rit Dye in Kelley green. I liked the color, but thought it was too light. I dyed it again using Rit Dye in dark green.

It is not an exact match to the Pottery Barn napkins, but it is close. I plan on making napkins out of the tablecloth. I will keep you posted on my progress.

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