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Finally understanding what was on paper!

It is not easy for me to look at our plans for our new addition and visualize it spatially. I can’t just look at a piece of paper and envision the room sizes and how everything will fit. It probably has to do with my arch nemesis measuring. As construction continues, and the outline of the rooms have become visibly real, my excitement is hard to contain. This is it for me. I can now physically walk into a space and see what it will be. I will eventually talk about all the spaces that are being added, but today I am starting with the laundry/mud room. I personally have never had either in my home, so designing one will be extra special! I am going to share with you some ideas I have, and eventually, I will need to make decisions.

This is my interpretation of the laundry/mud room area. Don’t laugh! It is hard to draw with the edit tool on my laptop. There will be a space to tuck my utility sink in. As you walk in, the washer and dryer are straight ahead with a collapsible folding table to the left. To the right of the entry will be an area to drop shoes, hang coats, umbrellas etc. Even though it is a small space, I will be able to get everything I need and even some space for my paints and brushes. Yay!

laundry wallpaper

I am thinking of putting wallpaper behind the washer and dryer. Maybe something bold since it will only be on one small wall.

I am not sure if I will be doing any whimsical signs? I do like this one painted on the wall though.

I love these benches and the board and batten detail on the wall. The wall detail is an inexpensive way to add texture.

Flooring is another decision. I really like the classic gray tile in a chevron pattern, but I have always wanted a patterned tile.

shiplap laundry 2

Then of course there is Shiplap!

So many decisions, but I welcome them all!!

Some new updates:

Trusses have begun to go up!

I am closer to finishing the Pantry Door! After it was sanded I felt it needed a little something. I decided to add molding to dress her up! Unfortunately, after all the repair she needed, I will not be able to stain the door. But I will be able to paint it a fun color! Coming soon I hope!

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