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First Blog Post From My New Office!

I have never had an office space just for me. Even when I worked in an office, I did not even have a cubicle. It was just shared space. In my home, for many years, any available room was used as a play area for the kids. I could work at the dining table, but I would have to put everything away for dinner or homework. Having to set it all up again the next day and start over again could really put a crimp in my creativity. Now, I finally have a dedicated place to put all my things, collect my thoughts and have some alone time. Makes me giddy! Now that I have a office, I needed to decide on the best direction to go design-wise. For that, I needed a jumping off point. This usually comes in the way of fabric or artwork. In this case, there was no need for fabric, so I turned toward artwork. I went to Art.Com and started looking. I knew I wanted something vintage and with a French twist. My search turned up a French magazine, “La Vie Parisienne”. It was founded in 1863 and printed without interruption until 1970. Which meant I had a lot to choose from. There were hundreds available to get my creative juices flowing. I settled on three that just called out to me. With the artwork picked, it became the inspiration for the rest of my design. The artwork is really the only thing I had to purchase. I was lucky enough to have been given the desk, which I refinished. I also had other pieces earmarked for my office. The leaded glass door I made into a mirror and other odds and ends I collected over the years, and now have a place for them!

The French doors were giving me a problem, until I decided to paint them with Annie Sloan, Svenska Blue Chalk Paint.

I wanted to add architectural detail to the French doors. I purchased antique pulls from “REhouse Architectural Salvage” in Rochester, N.Y.

Here she is… my own office!!

The leaded glass mirror makes a perfect backdrop in my office.

This is still one of my favorite pieces I refinished!

There is still plenty to be done. I have no storage and plan on building a cabinet with glass doors I salvaged. I also want to add some type of detailing to the walls. But, for now I am just going to enjoy the heck out of my new space!

A place for my business cards!

I love this bulletin board. It gets me!

Next week, if all goes well! Powder room reveal and more office!

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