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French dining chairs painstaking revival!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Memorial Weekend! We remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we have today. We are very thankful for their service!

Guess what did not happen this past week? Ground was not broken on the new addition. Not all of the dig approvals were received. In case you do not know what that means (like me), it is the okay from gas, electric and cable to dig in that area. They will start on Tuesday! C’est la vie.

I had plenty to keep me busy, as in eight French chairs to refinish!

                                           The $20 dollar chairs themselves!

I began stripping them using all of my favorite tools. Klean Strip stripper and odorless mineral spirits along with steel wool and a small wire brush.

                                       Look what was hiding under that dark finish.

     The intricate detailing took a long time. I used a tooth brush to get into the crevices.

                   After it dried, I used a pointed stick to dig out the leftover residue.

                                 After all the dark stain was removed, it was ready for sanding.

                              Because of all the little niches I had to hand sand it.

 I carefully sanded and used my hand to feel where the rough spots were. It was truly a Zen moment for me!

  The three stages: 1st)Removing upholstery 2nd) Stripping off stain 3rd) Sanding smooth.


After I get this far with each chair, I will put it aside until all eight are done. Then I will decide on what finish I will use. I am thinking maybe some kind of lime washed look?

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