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Going Rogue!

I hope this Blog finds everyone well and safe! With everything that is going on, many of us are finding we have some newly found time on our hands. I, for one, can be dangerous with freed up time! Anyone who knows me can attest to this (especially my husband). I seemed to have started several projects at once! I started to work on the walls in the family, paint our black interior doors white, and began to refinish the furniture in our master bedroom. Whew!

The first thing that had to be done was mud the walls. When the wainscoting was removed there was some damage done.

This compound is used when drywalling. You put it on the walls. When it dries you sand it smooth.

Before sanding I took all the furniture out and put plastic up in entrance. It kept the dust from going throughout the house.

          Its time to paint! I love these paint pants, I have had them for years (can you tell)!

I chose Behr paint in Moth Gray! Its a Greige color.

I always start by cutting in under the crown molding. I made a little video to show you my technique. (see below) Warning: Video contains no makeup and crazy hair.

Using the extension rod really makes painting a lot easier. No getting up and down a ladder and my arm does not ache from constantly reaching up.

I think it came out great! I really love the color. Who knew “Moth Gray” could be so pretty!

I only painted the top portion of the wall I am going to do something else with the bottom ( to be continued).

Painting the doors!

The left door is how the linen closet used to look and the right is what it looks like now. I was not sure about changing my black doors. I have had them a long time and truly love them. I saw a picture in a magazine of a white door with a black knob and wanted to try it. I am still not sure. I like them both. Let me know what you think!

This is the dresser I am refinishing. It was my husband’s grandmother’s. It was given to us shortly after we were married. We like the piece, but it is dark for the direction we are going in the master bedroom.

I used Klean Strip to remove old stain.

Many years of buildup to get through!

After a couple rounds with the stripper, I use Klean Strip mineral spirits to get the rest of the residue.

I use steel wool with mineral spirits to loosen everything.

Wipe it away with a clean rag.

One of the drawers had a medallion on it. It was glued on and the stripper dissolve the glue. I just used a putty knife to get the rest off.

I would say it has been a very productive week. The family room top half of the walls are done. One of my black doors is done, and I am still deciding about the rest. My bedroom dresser is stripped and ready to sand. I guess I will not want for something to do next week!

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