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Good Will Items Transformed!

A few weeks ago, I tried a faux cement treatment using chalk paint. I used items I purchased at Good Will and was blown away with the results. It not only took outdated items and made them relevant, it transformed them into something beautiful! After that success, I found myself looking around my house for more items to use the technique on. At that point I knew I had better get to Good Will. Not only to find more pieces but to keep me from raiding my house.

My Good Will run brought me a pitcher and four glass bottles with detailed etching.

My first project was the pitcher. I had purchased Iron Orchid Designs letter stamps from the Purple Painted Lady and was excited to try them!

I thought of stamping the pitcher using an ink pad, but went with DAS modeling clay instead.

The clay is very pliable and easy to roll out. As you can see, I used the bottle from the Waverly Chalk Paint as a rolling pin.

I was shopping in Home Goods looking around for inspiration for the sign. I came across pieces done by the artist Rae Dunn. I love her stuff. It is simplistic and right to the point. An example: she has plates with the words, eat, savor, enjoy. I wanted to use the same simplistic approach on the pitcher. I thought about a lot of options, but settled on the word “POUR”. Simple and straight to the point!

I used Gorilla Glue to adhere it to the pitcher.

I was able to move it around to center it before the glue dried.

I waited 24 hours for the clay to dry. Then put on the first coat.

I applied a second coat and let it dry over night.

Next I painted on Waverly White Wax and wiped it off with a paper towel. I was very pleased with the results. The sign was sticking up a little so I sanded it. I really liked how it was looking, so I kept going. Sometimes when you try and fix something it turns out really cool!

Onto the bottles. Each one had an an interesting result.

I wanted to see what black chalk paint looked like using the cement technique. I mixed Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint with baking soda.

It went on thicker than the Waverly Chalk paint. I liked the texture it created so I did not water it down.

I couldn’t wait to put the Waverly White Wax on. Just imagine how it will look with that texture!

Love, Love Love this! I will definitely do this again.

Again, I was excited to see how the white wax picked up the etchings in the glass.

Unfortunately, I did not get the progress of these pieces. I started with faux cement technique using Waverly Mineral Chalk Paint mixed with baking soda. I then used Waverly White Wax. It looked good, but the etchings were not as prominent as I had wanted. To enhance the detailing, I wiped on Annie Sloan Black Wax. Immediately everything popped!

For this piece, I used the Waverly Mineral Chalk Paint and baking soda mixture.

Once the Waverly White Wax was added, the raised detailing was enhanced. The texture feels amazing!

These candle holders didn’t get away from my perusing eye as I was scanning my house. Although, what was I thinking with the red!

I used the Waverly Chalk Paint in Mineral and baking soda mixture on both of them.

I added Waverly White Wax to both. But, like the bottle, it did not bring out the details.

To help highlight the areas. I used Annie Sloan Black Wax.

This is how they looked after the black wax. The color is gorgeous the light and dark grays give it depth!

The dark and white wax worked together to make these candle holders into something special!

I made another trip to Good Will and found even more great items!

I plan on using the Iron Orchid Crockery Stamps on these items. Unfortunately, the stamps are not available until the end of May. If you are looking for Iron Orchid Designs items, The Purple Painted Lady in Macedon N.Y sells them!

I will be selling all of these items and more at the Purple Painted Lady Festival September 18th and 19th!

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