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Great finds in Pittsburgh!

I was in Pittsburgh, PA this past weekend and scored big! While visiting my son and his girlfriend, we decided to go to a architectural salvage place called “Construction Junction”. I was very excited about this place because Leann Ford of the HGTV show “Restored by the Fords” uses this place for her designs.

This is my son Kevin and his girlfriend Kristen.

The salvage yard is a major recycling hub in the city. It promotes reuse and upcycling and highlights some designs in their showroom.

This is just the outside of building. They used recycled items to make art!  We could not decide what they were, maybe a Koala Bear on bottom and Monkey on top? Not sure, but either way they were amazing!

Here is another piece of art made with recycled cans.

IMG_4513 (2)

These windows are beautiful, I believe they were saved from an old church.

This table top was made out of bottle caps. They are raffling it off and my son bought some tickets. Hopefully he will win!

I was looking at some lighting and noticed a large box in the middle of the aisle.

This is where you walk away or start to dig. I always dig!

I would say it was worth it!  It’s times like these I know how Mike and Frank of “American Pickers” feel!

I found two hanging globe lights. The detailing is beautiful! They were only $5 each.

globe closeup

These sconces are really heavy. I can see these in a bathroom on either side of the mirror. I paid $10 each for the sconces.

Again the detail is amazing!

This chandelier was only $20

I cant believe how lucky I was to find these treasures at such great prices. They all need a little love and rewiring, but what a find!

Next week:

I am in the process of putting gold leaf on a mirror. Details to follow…

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