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Guest Room Refresh Reveal!

Everything seemed to fall into place with my guest room refresh. I was able to find comforters that went with the bedding I found at Good Will. I had previously shared that the color on the walls worked perfectly which it does, but one wall needed to be touched up. I really did not want to paint the whole room, so I scraped off a large chip of paint and took it to Home Depot for a color match. It ended up being very close and unless you know, you would not be able to see the difference (don’t tell anyone). As I went along, I kept finding everything I needed, and the end result is amazing!

This is the bedroom that needed a refresh. The room served my boys well when they were growing up and my younger son uses this version when he comes home to visit. But as a “guest” bedroom, it just doesn’t make the cut.

The idea for the refresh started when I found these Pottery Barn pillows with down inserts at Good Will. I loved the pattern so much it became the jumping off point for guest room.

I decided to try my luck again at Good Will taking one of the pillow covers to match. I ended up finding 2 gray striped pillowcases, a throw blanket, and another set of decorative pillow covers all in the same gray shades.

As much as I love the pattern on the Pottery Barn pillows, I really wanted to avoid making the room all about yellow. I found this picture at yet again Good Will for $17. It had gray and yellow in it but it was very subtle. Exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I already had these New Yorker prints downloaded from Etsy and found the frames at Home Goods in clearance for $22. They were a little dinged up but you couldn’t tell because of the matte finish.

To fill out the last wall I used a print I had in our basement rounding out the New Yorker prints with this famous New York photo.

Keeping my refresh on a budget, I decided to reuse the table that has been in the boys room. It definitely had seen better days.

I spray painted it using Rust-Oleum Aged Gray matte chalk paint.

I also reused the lamp spraying it with Rust-Oleum matte black paint and replaced the shade with a white one from Walmart.

I was going to use these drapes or the ones in my husband’s office, but I wanted something with a lighter feeling. I found these at Home Goods for $26.

I also purchased 2 gray box pleated bed skirts, 2 down alternative white twin comforters and a gray and yellow 3×5 rug.

Let’s see how it all turned out!

I could not find another gray throw like the one from Good Will, but I did find a yellow one that I really liked. What do you guys think of having two different color throw blankets?

The table and lamp came out great. I really like the matte finishes.

I really like that large piece of artwork and the way it goes with the bedding.

Already for some guests!

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