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How To Create A DIY Branch Chandelier!

When was the last time you did anything out of the box? Something that will make people say WOW! I tried to come up with a time when I went way out of my comfort zone and I came up with nothing. Don’t get me wrong. I can paint, refinish, decorate and DIY my butt off. But I have never really pushed past the imaginary line in the sand that says, this is where you stop. After seeing what my friend Beth and her husband Russ did, I am inspired to jump over the line and try something extraordinary myself!

Beth told me she got the idea to do the chandelier after seeing one at Dantiques in Macedon N.Y a few years ago and has been wanting to recreate it ever since.

Well, this was the year and wait until to you see how it turned out!

Dantiques is a unique store. Dan the owner is extremely creative. He definitely goes past that imaginary line. Actually, I think he lives over that line and just comes over to show us mere mortals his creations and inspire us in the process. I will leave a link below with more information about Dantiques.

The chandelier Beth saw at Dantiques. WOW right!

I was curious to see what a chandelier like this cost to purchase. I found something similar priced at $1,000. It is beautiful, but it doesn’t have the organic feel of the real branches and the price tag is too high.

Where did they go for branches? In their own backyard. They had recently trimmed their plum tree and the branches were perfect for the project.

It was genius to use the bar to hold the branches for trimming and gathering them together.

Beth and her husband used an industrial wire shade to provide the framework for the placement of the branches.

Into the dining room it goes!

To electrify it they took down their current dining room fixture and used the same power source.

The other light fixture had been swagged over the dining room table. They used the same hook and attached the wires.

I just love the natural feel of this chandelier!

They added tear drop crystals for their beauty and to help reflect the light.

Perfect touch!

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous and most definitely WOW!!

Dantiques unique, elegant and rustic decor.

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