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How To Organize Under The Kitchen Sink

I don’t know about you, but under the kitchen sink is one of my problem areas. I can straighten it up on a weekly basis and it inevitably goes back to its normal chaos. I have been meaning to do an organization makeover, but like a lot of things that are out of sight, its also out of mind.

I finally got motivated after seeing an Instagram post where trash bags were stored underneath the sink. It may sound like a little thing, but the trash bags in our house are not located near the trash can. They are in a utility closet and are a pain to get to. I have to take the entire box out every time I want a trash bag, which is an everyday occurrence around here. Along with moving the trash bags, I reorganized making it easier to get to everyday things like: dishwasher detergent, rags, hand soap, and cleaning items for the stove, counter etc. The first step was to take everything out and give it a good clean!

This is the under the sink area. I had to work around the pipes and electric boxes for the sink and garbage disposal.

I had the circular organizer already and purchased the other two from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I did not have room for a wide container, so I decided to take advantage of the height instead.

The circular organizer will be the ideal solution for all the cleaning supplies.

I also wanted a container with a lid in case I wanted to add storage in the future I could stack another on top.

Because the tall container has dividers, I was able to put large and small trash bags in there and still have room for the dishwasher pods.

I used the lidded container to store my microfiber clothes and scrubbies.

There is definitely room to add additional storage containers on top.

I was able to fit all the cleaning supplies on the circular Lazy Susan.

Just spin to find what you need. Fantastic!

Everything has its place and hopefully it will stay that way! One can only hope…

Next week I start my Christmas posts!

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