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I Love Corbels!

I will say it again, I love corbels! They can add interest, texture and most definitely a wow factor! We put corbels on the island in our kitchen and it changed feel of the entire piece. The curves softened the edges and brought it to the next level. And now, I have found another great application for them that I would like to share with you.

During the addition/renovation, we removed a small closet and the soffit between the kitchen and family room. These changes opened up the family room into the kitchen and dining area, making it feel like one open space. The transformation is amazing. I love it, but I am having trouble tying in the area where the closet was into the family room. It almost feels like an afterthought. I contemplated buying a larger media console that would extend into the new area, but the cost of consoles was not in the budget. I was a bit stumped at this point, so I started looking for inspiration in magazines and online. I found a picture of the most amazing shelf with antique corbels. The perfect solution to tie in the new space. I looked everywhere, Etsy, Rehouse Architectural Salvage in Rochester NY, Facebook Market Place and Craigslist. It was either over priced, too small, too large or not the style I was looking for. I had almost given up hope, until I went to my local Annie Sloan Stockist “The Purple Painted Lady”. I was there to purchase Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, but what did I spy with my little eye, the perfect pair of corbels! They were reproduction, but looked like old antique ones, and they were the perfect size. Best of all, the price was amazing! Sometimes, I forget that the “Purple Painted Lady” sells much more than chalk paint. FYI: The Purple Painted Lady Festival is happening this year… September 18th and 19th, 2021, and I will be a vendor again! So excited!

I took the corbels home and began to look for wood to use as a shelf. Lucky for me, my husband went dumpster diving during the addition/renovation and pulled usable wood for future projects. Hello future project!

Here is one of the corbels. Perfection!

The width of the shelf we wanted was 48 inches We took it outside, cut it to size and sanded lightly.

To give the wood a more weathered look, I used a mixture of Annie Sloan Chicago Gray Chalk Paint and water to create a gray wash.

I put it on in light coats so I could keep the wood graining.

It reminds me of driftwood.

I sealed it with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

The corbel was a little dark so I added a some of the gray wash to lighten it.

The finished product! Now, on to the fun stuff; Styling!

This oil painting is one of my mother-in-law’s. It does not go with the décor in her room, so she asked if we could use it somewhere. Yes!!!

As soon as I saw this statue, I fell in love with it. It is the epitome of a mother and child connection!

I was having so much fun. I decided to do two more vignettes.

Vignette number two!

I bought this Mary Cassett print at a rummage sale. It cost one dollar! I can never decide if she is sad or perplexed!

Vignette number three! I got to use my monkey’s!

You should have seen my house. I was taking items from everywhere trying to put these vignettes together. My son came home and saw the mess and did not blink an eye. He is used to my creative process!

I really enjoyed this project. It has been a long time since I just got to play! I would really like to hear which vignette you like the best.

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