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I Love Fall!

By this time I usually have my fall decorating done. But, with the Purple Painted Lady Festival and traveling last weekend I am way behind. It also doesn’t help that it has been raining for three days! Okay enough excuses, onward!! I decided to start with the front door. It is the first impression people get when they come to your home. I purposely bought a generic wreath over the summer so I could add embellishments for each season or holiday. When my children were younger, I decorated for Halloween with witches, ghosts and goblins. I loved it and so did my children. Now, I use seasonal décor that will take me all the way through to Christmas and Hanukah season.

This is the original wreath. The only thing I added was an “S” for our last name.

I attached the foliage using floral wire so it will be easy to change.


I really like the way it came out! It is beautiful and timeless and best of all I can remove everything and reuse the wreath!

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