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I’ve Been Gobsmacked!

I heard the word “Gobsmacked” on a television show the other night. I didn’t know the meaning, so I Googled it. It is an informal British word which means surprised, astounded, thunderstruck! When I decided to write about a new technique I was trying, Gobsmacked was the perfect word to use in the post. Plus I love the word and really wanted to use it!

Recently, I started watching the “You Tube” channel looking for new ideas. My morning routine now includes: eating breakfast, drinking coffee and watching “You Tube” for inspiration. There are so many talented people with amazing ideas. It’s a plethora of projects in the making. I narrowed it down to one that really caught my eye. A faux cement technique using chalk paint. I found the video on “Julie’s Designs and Signs”. In the video she used the technique on old paint cans and they came out so good, I just had to try it!

These are some of the items I planned on using the technique on. Two pitchers, a ceramic box and two candles holders all purchased at Good Will. The two glass bottles I already had.

In the video, she used Waverly Chalk Paint in Mineral and mixed it with baking soda.

The first coat went on thin.

This is how it looked after the second coat. It is hard to believe it is the same pitcher. Look at that texture!

At the same time I was painting the pitcher, I also worked on one of the bottles. Once they were dry, I did the second part of the technique, adding Waverly White Wax.

After applying the white wax you wipe if off with dry paper towel. The texture from the baking soda picks up the white wax and really makes it look like cement.

See what I mean about being Gobsmacked! I am so impressed with this technique. I want to try it on everything! I wish you could touch them. They have the look and feel of real stone.

Next up was the large ceramic box. Part of the video I watched showed how to use molds and stamps to embellish the pieces. I ordered a bird mold and stamps from “Iron Orchid Design”. The bird mold was available, but the stamps are on back order. I guess I wasn’t the only one who wanted to try this technique.

I purchased DAS air dry modeling clay at Michael’s. I want to add birds to the front of the box.

They recommend putting flour or corn starch in the mold to keep the clay from sticking.

Press the clay in the mold, get rid of the extra and pop it out.

I attached the bird molds with Gorilla Glue and let them dry overnight.

Here it is after two coats of chalk paint mixture. I know, right!!

I couldn’t wait to put on the white wax!

This is what it looked like after applying the white wax.

I think it would be gorgeous as a planter. You could also use it in an entryway with the lid to hold the mail.

The pitcher would be perfect for flowers. You can also use it in the kitchen to hold utensils.

Lastly, the bottle. It has so much character it can stand alone or maybe as a bud vase.

It took longer than I thought to dry in between so I was not able to complete all of the items. I will definitely use this technique again. I can’t wait to try out the crockery stamps using this technique with clay! I will keep you posted (ha ha no pun intended)!

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