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Kitchen Cabinet/Pantry Organizing Tips!

A few weeks ago, I posted about my new pantry and how I organized it. The response was great. People loved the organizing ideas and how pretty everything looked. I also had people ask, “what could they do if they did not have a large pantry?” I am so glad someone asked this question. I did it for years, taking advantage of every inch of my kitchen. I am excited to show you how to achieve the same organization in a small space and I promise it will be just as pretty!

This was a small utility closet I used as a pantry for years. The shelves were less than twelve inches wide. Which meant I had to get very creative with the space.

This was before I found the “Home Edit” and labels. But, I did add pretty contact paper (a feature I threw my back out with).

These containers allowed me to have more items on each shelf. They stack together letting me take advantage of the vertical space.

I used two containers for my baking needs, placing one atop of the other. I just pulled out the containers when I baked and everything I needed was right there.

I also used wire shelving for my canned goods. It gave me storage on top and underneath.

I decided to go a little further and demonstrate how to do a smaller pantry by using another space in my kitchen. The space is eighty inches tall and twenty-four inches wide. The shelves inside are twenty-one inches long and eleven inches deep. I used a lot of the items in my existing pantry to show you that any space you use can be organized and look good at the same time.

I repeated the same thing I did in my pantry, but on a smaller scale.

In my pantry, I have white lettered labels from “Talented Kitchen” on the front of the containers. To make more room in this space, I needed to place the containers with the sides facing out. I taped labels on the side of each container to give you an idea of what it would look like.

In my house, we eat a lot of salads. I took one of the plastic containers and filled it with everything I might put on a salad. It makes it very convenient when preparing dinner. Take it out, put your salad together, then put it back.

You can take this same concept and use it in other ways. Fill it with snacks for kids. Put all the ingredients you use to make a meal, like sauce and pasta to make a spaghetti dinner.

The next organizing tip is one I absolutely love! I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of spices. Most of which have red tops. This makes it difficult to find the spice you are looking for, which leads to buying more spices that you already have.

I ordered a set of twenty-four glass spice jars and spice labels from, Aozita.

I transferred all my spices (including doubles) into the glass containers.

Then I put these wonderful large labels on them.

I put mine in a drawer in my kitchen. But, you can put them on a Lazy Susan in the pantry.

How awesome is this! Oh, you need some Thyme, well there it is! Do we need to buy more garlic powder? No we do not, the jar is full! Oh Yeah!

I was able to create organized sections for: baking , cereal, grouped items (dinners, salads etc.), canned goods, spices, snacks and vegetables.

This type of organization can make your life a little easier. Having everything in one place, clearly marked with see through containers, is a game changer. Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can take some of these ideas and implement them in your home. I promise it will make you smile every time you look at it!

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