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Laundry Room/Mudroom Update!

During the addition/renovation, our laundry room was moved from the basement to the first floor to make it easy for my mother-in-law to have access. I have talked about the laundry room in a few posts. Choosing a wallpaper, finding an antique sink, refinishing it and asking all of you to help pick out the sink color. The sink is up in the laundry room now, but it was damaged a little during the installation. The paint was dinged up and the finish on the sink was chipped off in places. I do have paint left over for touch up. The finish on the sink could have been an issue. If you recall I had to work outside because the fumes were so strong. If I had to refinish the whole thing it would have to be removed from the wall again. Fortunately, I was able to order a repair kit. The kit will allow me to fix small areas without having to do the whole sink again. Yeah!

With the laundry room almost completely finished I have set my sights on another use for it. It is located right off the entrance from the garage to the house. This location makes it the perfect place for a mudroom. I don’t know about you, but tripping over shoes left by the front door, or seeing coats thrown on the newel post, is definitely not my idea of a first impression. Having a mudroom to hide the clutter would be amazing! The tricky part comes with the size of the room and all the things I want to put in the space. Here are some of the things on my wish list: shoe and boot storage, a bench for putting on and taking off shoes, hooks for coats and belongings, a place for mops and brooms, a shelf to hold laundry essentials (detergent, softener etc.), ironing board and iron storage, and a place to fold laundry. I decided to start with storage since that is a priority. In my original plan I envisioned a shiplap wall with coat hooks and a built in bench with a place for shoes underneath. But the only place I could put it gives a full view of all the shoes and boots from the dining room (not a pretty sight). It was time to reevaluate the plan. I realized that I can build a shelving unit to hold all the shoes and keep them hidden at the same time. There would also be space to tuck a mop and brooms out of sight. I am still going to put up shiplap and attach hooks for coats, but I am not going to do a built-in bench. I did find the perfect bench though at Home Goods. It has an upholstered top and a wood bottom with room for baskets. The baskets can hold things like gloves, hats and scarfs. Okay that takes care of shoe and boot storage, seating and mops and brooms. Next on the list is a place for laundry essentials, ironing board and iron and a folding table. On the opposite side of the room is a blank wall. It will be a perfect spot to put all the laundry needs. I also found an ironing board and iron holder that hangs on the wall through Amazon. The only thing I was not able to find a solution for is a table to fold laundry. I’d say that is a pretty good use of the space I have so far! I will keep working on a folding table, but if it does not work out, I still call it a win!

The bottom of sink has a couple dents and the paint was scraped up. I will touch it up the paint. But, I may keep the dents to add more character!

Most of the damage to the sink finish is around the faucets. When they were installing them the wrenches chipped it off.

Don’t laugh! This is my mock up of what the shelves will look like. It will come out about twelve inches which will keep them out of sight from the dining room.

This is the bench I found at Home Goods. I love the fabric and the wood warms up the space.

This is the wall where the shelf is going to be. It will hold all the laundry essentials.

I am so looking forward to this being done so all the clutter will have a place!

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