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Making Flower Arrangement With Store Bought Flowers!

I wanted a flower bouquet to help bring spring indoors, but my peonies have already bloomed and none of the other flower are ready to be cut. To make the bouquet I went to my local Wegman’s grocery store to see what I could find. My criteria included flowers that looked like they came from a meadow and needed to be twenty dollars or under.

Take a look at what I found for nineteen dollars!

I purchased one bunch of miniature carnations for seven dollars, tulips for six and filler (do not know the name of it) also for six.

I chose this vase to create interest by using the juxtaposition of the formal vase with the informal bouquet.

The vase came with insert to hold water. Cool!

I think carnations get a bad rap. They are so pretty and smell wonderful!

I would add some flowers step back and make an adjustment or add something more.

I repeated this process until I was satisfied with the results.

The finished bouquet!

Not bad for nineteen dollars!

Below are a few more examples I created from store bought flowers.

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