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Master Bedroom Reveal!

I think a lot of people are guilty of redoing every room in the house, except their master bedroom. It is only natural to want the part of the house that people see to look good. The problem with that is you have to see the master bedroom every night. We have lived in our house for twenty five years, so that is a lot of nights. I am not going to say I hated our bedroom, but it has never been a tranquil place for me. Before we were married, we were given bedroom furniture that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. Don’t get me wrong, we were extremely grateful at the time. The furniture was in great shape and very good quality, but it just wasn’t our taste. The other problem in the room, is the king bed. It is super comfortable, but it is also too big for the room. With the furniture not being our taste and no room to move, you can understand why it is not my favorite place. The push that finally gave me a glimmer of hope was the time I moved the bed. My husband was away for business, and that is when I usually try things. It is not that he prevents me from trying new things or doesn’t lend a hand. The issue at times is his analytical mind (which I love). His mind doesn’t understand moving things just to see how they look. He questions the move, I explain my reasoning and then it takes longer than it would if we had just moved it. So when he was away, I decided to move the bed to another wall. To my surprise it made the room seem more spacious. It was great except there was only one window on that wall and the room seemed unbalanced. My mind started working right away on how to solve this problem. The first thing that came to mind was somehow creating a faux window. So that is exactly what I did and the rest morphed from there! I hope you like the final result. It has taken months to accomplish and I am so excited to share it with you! I will start with a recap of the transformation…

                                     Starts with the frame for the faux window.

                                  Finding gorgeous fabric to make roman shades.

                                         Dying existing drapery to go with shades.

Refinishing bedroom furniture.

                                                          Upcycling old lamps.

                                                       And, here it is…the final result!

             You don’t know how exciting it is to have a headboard and night table!!

  I love these lampshades from Ballard Design. They bring in the texture I was looking for.

                            The furniture makeover was the icing on the cake.

       This print is of a painting by Mary Cassett. She is my absolute favorite artist.

                    Those of you that have been following remember “the beast”.

I purchased this picture a long time ago. It evoked a feeling of calm and tranquility.   Everything I was looking for in a master bedroom.  Mission accomplished!

There are still a couple more things to do. Add crown molding, refinish floor and put up a ceiling fixture. But with the situation right now, those will have to wait. In the meantime I will be looking forward to going to bed every night!

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