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Medallion Art Knockoff….

I saw this piece of artwork at Pier One a long time ago. I really liked it, but didn’t purchase it at the time. Not too long after, Pier One closed its doors forever and the artwork was no longer available. Instead of being mad at myself for not buying it, I decided to recreate it myself!

I cut wood and glued them together.

I used clamps and placed paint cans on top to keep it from warping.

After it was dry, I painted it with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.

I sprayed it with water to get a whitewashed effect.

Next came the hard part. Drawing the design on the wood. Lucky for me. I was able to enlist an artist friend of mine. I actually featured her in one of my posts. She was able to take this complicated design and make it easy to replicate. Yay, for having artist friends!

She drew the design with instructions on where to place it on the board. In this case top right.

Then I would turn the paper and place it bottom right.

Once it was set, I traced the design with carbon paper. I

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