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Impulsively Creative

  • mlabks

My true impulsive colors come through!

In my bio, I referenced my impulsivity when creating. In all of my posts I really haven’t shown you that side yet…until now! It all started a few weeks ago when I put our master bedroom in order using Marie Condo ( ) techniques. Organizing gave our smaller master bedroom more room. I wanted to create even more space, so my son and I moved my king size bed to another wall. I could not believe how much it opened up the room. The only downside is the head of the bed is now on a wall that only has one window and it looks unbalanced. I could not deny how much I loved the new arrangement, but I would just have to come up with a way to create balance. The idea came to me early last Sunday morning, unbeknownst to my poor sleeping husband!  I patiently (not really) waited until I heard my husband moving around upstairs. The idea required me to bring up two weathered shutters I have as wall décor in my dining room. My husband was quietly looking at emails when I came in the room carrying said shutters. I told him I may have a solution to balance out the room. We have been married a long time, so he recognized the look on my face and got up to let me do my thing. I explained that I wanted to create a faux window using shutters. The shutters I had were too small, but I wanted to get a visual look. I asked my husband to hold them up and was pleased with what I saw. In my husbands half sleep state, he really couldn’t understand my vision, but knows me well enough to trust my idea. I left it alone until the following weekend.

If you ever wondered what being Impulsively Creative looks like here it is. My husband was not home and my son was at school, so I decided to move our king size mattress by myself. It got stuck in the hall way and I had to squeeze by every time I wanted to go in and out of our bedroom.

This is the wall where we moved the bed to.

I can see why my husband was having a hard time envisioning my faux window. In my mind I see the shutters with molding around it like the real window.

This is how the real window will look with shutters. Both the real window and the faux will have drapes and will look like two windows (I hope).

  I am also going to repaint our room and the bedroom furniture. I like stony path for the walls and possibility for the ceiling. I am not sure what color I will paint the furniture yet.

Stony Path is on the left and Possibility is on the right. Both are lighter than I expected. I will live with them for awhile to see how they look in daylight and nighttime.

I found these old wooden shutters on the side of the road a couple months ago. I am going to try and retro fit them in the bedroom.

But first I have to strip them! Ugh!

There are a lot of layers. This is going to take awhile. Luckily, we don’t have any time constraint so I can take my time redoing the bedroom. I will share my progress as I go along!

UPDATE: This dresser is one I did over the summer it was one of my favorites. It did not sell at the Purple Painted Lady Festival so I put it on craigslist.

Someone purchased it and converted it to a vanity for their bathroom. They sent me  pictures of how it came out. I could not be happier. It looks fantastic!

vanity sink 1 (2)
vanity 2

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