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New Year Refresh!

What is it about the New Year that drives us to want to purge, reorganize and update our surroundings? Didn’t we have 365 days prior to the New Year to accomplish this?

Well, I am no different than anyone else. I too have fallen victim to the “New Year” need for change!

I started last week by organizing my Christmas decorations and the crawl space they will be stored in. If that was not enough, I also tackled a catch-all closet in the basement and this week I am working on the drawers in the buffet in my family room.

The buffet organization has been on my list ever since I changed the top drawer to a charging station and stuffed everything from that drawer in the others with no rhyme or reason. Over the course of the next few months, they only got worse.

With items from Good Will and Amazon I got to work!

I don’t usually show the inside of my drawers to just anyone. I am also pretty sure I have had nightmares about this, but you are like family so here it is!

Like I said, it was haphazardly thrown into the drawer.

The bottom drawer had all my exercise equipment and tapes.

This drawer is one of the worst. It seems like everything we did not know what to do with ended up in here.

I looked on Amazon for drawer organizers. I found a set of six wooden ones for $60. That was more than I wanted to spend so I went to Good Will.

I visited two Good Will stores and found these boxes at the second one. I couldn’t believe my luck. They were almost exactly like the ones on Amazon, but each of boxes came with a bonus liner. There were five in total. Three smaller boxes and two larger. The smaller ones were priced at $2.99 a piece and the larger were $3.99. The total was $16.95. Much better than $60 on Amazon. Another Good Will score!

The liner looks like it says Teleflora and they were probably used for flower arrangements. Whatever they were used for, having a liner will make it easy to clean and keep the boxes from getting marked up.

I wasn’t sure about the color, but they looked great!

I put the liners in and they were ready to be filled up.

They worked perfectly. The only problem was when I shut the drawer they slid forward.

I found these rubber tabs and put them on the bottom. Voila, no more sliding.

I put games in the bottom drawer where my exercise equipment was and moved the exercise stuff to the laundry room.

I finally sorted through the drawer with everything that you don’t know what to do with and was left with batteries, lint brush and flashlights. Yeah!

After weeding through everything in the buffet, I was left with a bunch of cards and needed something to store them in. I saw this organizer on Amazon and ordered it.

The box had five holders for cards. I used one for birthday cards, another for note cards and a third for miscellaneous cards. I put my address book, stamps, and address labels in the other two holders.

Maybe now I will get my birthday cards out on time!

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