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One Hundred Posts And Counting!

Two years ago, when I started my Blog, I could not have imagined writing one hundred posts! I still remember my first post. I was nervous about sharing something so personal. I kept thinking, “What if they don’t like it?” To my great pleasure, you did like my posts. Your wonderful comments encouraged me to keep going. But, the one thing that puts me over the top is when you say that I inspired you to try something new and creative. It is all that I hoped for with my Blog!

To celebrate one hundred posts, I have put together a little retrospective of my work. I chose from each of my creative interests: gardening/landscaping, furniture transformations and design. I hope you enjoy looking back with me!


I had to start with my very first post. I built a rock wall in our back yard. It was backbreaking work, but so worth it. I am happy to say it is still home to many of our wildlife friends. Say hello to “Mr. Woodchuck”.

I like this post, because I took an eyesore and made it work to my benefit. I hung lanterns down the entire length and made bushel basket flower pockets to hang in between each lantern


This is one of my favorite transformations. I was able to take a beat up old table and bring it back to its former glory with a little something extra. So satisfying!

This post was about a labor of love. I had been looking for French chairs for years. I found these eight chairs on Craigslist. I painstakingly stripped and sanded them. I love these chairs! They are everything I wanted and more!

I needed a utility sink for our new laundry room. I found this sink and transformed it. All of you helped me choose between black or yellow as the base color. Yellow won out!

In this post, I used a faux cement medium to transform old outdated items into beautiful pieces.


The posts about the addition/renovation were exciting to do. I was able to design a room from top to bottom and take you along on the journey. You all even helped choose the wallpaper for my powder room!

Another favorite addition/renovation post was the laundry room.

This post was about refreshing our master bedroom. I like it because it shows how you can update using paint.

To further celebrate ONE HUNDRED POSTS, I will be having giveaways. To qualify you have to follow me. If you have not signed up as a follower yet, no worries. Just hit the follow button below.

Of course, I could not leave out my amazing experience as a vendor in the Purple Painted Lady Festival. Not to mention meeting Annie Sloan!

Me and Annie!

It was such a great experience. I was sad when it was canceled in 2020 because of Covid-19. But, I am happy to say there will be a Purple Painted Lady Festival on September 18th and 19th 2021, and I will be a vendor in it again!

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