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Pottery Barn Beaded Chandelier Hack!

I bought our foyer ceiling light at a garage sale for $10. To zhuzh it up I sprayed it silver. It was a great deal and have appreciated it for almost ten years. It also has a frosted glass shade that blocks the light and since I painted the foyer a darker, I need to brighten it up.

Truth be told I have also been obsessing over beaded lighting for a couple years now. What don’t like though is the price! They can run anywhere from $250-$500 depending on the store.

Since I did not want to spend that amount of money, I started looking at the fixture closely to see how they were made. It really didn’t look like anything I couldn’t do a lot of work for sure, but I have been there before. I already had a light fixture I could modify I just needed the beads and I already had paint. (Just so you know that was me talking myself into it).

I did talk myself into it and let me show you how I did it!

Love his flush mount chandelier just not the price!

picture beads in bag here

In order to pull this off I needed a lot of beads and they needed to be painted.

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