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Repainting, refinishing and reworking the Master Bedroom!

Next up, the Master Bedroom! I decided to keep the original color. Its beautiful and this way I get to keep the accessories I already have. The room was painted years ago, so I took an old cable wire cover that had been painted to the Home Depot for a color match. The young lady at the Home Depot was terrific and was able to match it perfectly. They also have a database to keep all your paint colors. So helpful!  With the color choice decided, I started to prep the room. The large shelf on the wall was removed along with drapery poles and the wall art. There was quite a bit of spackling to do especially where the shelf had been screwed into the wall. I will let the spackle dry overnight, sand it smooth and start painting tomorrow.

This is the large shelf that was removed from the wall. These are some of the accessories I will keep.

Things are really coming together. I ordered two fabric samples and really like them both! Usually it takes weeks or months to find the perfect fabric.

I am also going to refinish this trunk to use as storage in our room.

An yet another project is this mirror. I had originally used a kit that changed gold leaf to a beautiful patina. I did this years ago and it has turned darker than I like. I am going to use Annie Sloan Paint to lighten it up.


Lastly, I am still working on the faux window idea. It has been difficult to find used shutters that fit the window. Buying new would be way more than I want to spend. I may have to rethink my idea.

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