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Rerouted pipes become an eyesore and then a feature! Plus: A new renovation video!

I have to say we have been very lucky when it comes to any unforeseen problems in our renovation/addition project. As a matter of fact, we have had some very pleasant surprises. Like the half vaulted ceiling in our dining room. It was suppose to be normal ceiling height like the rest of the house. When my husband saw how the framing was vaulted, he asked the framer if it could be drywalled like that. He said he did not see any reason why not. As an added bonus, it would not cost any more. That was a win all around! There were two more instances that brought about a change in a very positive way. Both happened when our architect Chris Hennessey came by to answer a question for our contractor. That visit resulted in the foyer and family room becoming even more open by eliminating the headers that divided the rooms. It made an incredible difference in creating a more cohesive family room and dining room. It also made the foyer feel more like a proper entrance. With all these unexpected positive things happening, I guess we were waiting for the other shoe to drop. The shoe dropped when we started rerouting the horizontal waste pipe (yuck) that ran through the soffit above our original kitchen cabinets and was now between the kitchen and new dining area. I had wanted to get rid of that soffit for years! However, after they rerouted, we were left with a big vertical pipe in the entrance to the new dining area. My initial reaction was there is a big honking pipe in my kitchen. What are we going to do with that! After talking to the contractor, and doing some research, we found a solution that would hide the pipe and not create too much of a distraction.

They were able to move the original pipe from the soffit into the kitchen ceiling.

Unfortunately, they were not able to fit all the pipe into the ceiling.

One of the suggestions was to build a wall out to hide the pipe. I really was not in favor of that plan. We had just opened the family room into the kitchen and I did not want close it off again. So I started researching ways to hide the pipe.

These pictures aren’t actually ways to hide pipes, but it gave me an idea.

I wanted to keep the new wall as close to the pipe as possible. We decided to keep the bottom close and extend the top to cover the branch of the pipe. This way it looks like a decorative feature and I did not have to close off family room. Once it’s finished, I will determine if it needs anything additional.

New addition update video!

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