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Return to the Master bedroom!

I’m back working on our master bedroom this week! I put it on hold after I gave up on two ideas I had been working on. The first being shutters to put on a faux window. I was not able to find the right size in used shutters and custom were more than I wanted to spend. I even looked into a company that sold shutter kits. The price was better, but still more than I wanted to pay, especially with a no refund policy. I also nixed the wall of drapes. After thinking it over I felt it would be to heavy for our smaller master bedroom. It was at this point I decided to just build the faux window to see if I would even like it!

I started by building a frame using 1×3’s for the sides, top and sill.

After the frame was secure I added molding. It was not an exact make, but similar enough so you can not tell the difference.

After the molding was attached I filled in the nail holes with spackle.

This stuff is fool proof! It goes on pink and turns white when it is dry. Brilliant!

Next step was to sand everything smooth. Make sure to wipe off the dust with a tack cloth or damp rag before you begin painting.

I have always used Behr pure white eggshell finish for all my moldings in the house.

Here is the finished product! I am so glad I just went for it. This project has been in my head for so long. Its cool to see it actually made! Sometimes this is how I do things (the impulsive part of the blog name). I have to see something in place before my next move. It is like changing furniture placement in your home. I physically need to move the furniture to see if I would like it in a new spot.

Now I can center the bed on this wall and it will not look unbalanced. I am jazzed to keep going! I have a couple of ideas of how to really make it look like a window. Can’t wait to share them with you!

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