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Sometimes the Unexpected Happens!

If you have been following my Blog, you know we are putting on an addition so my mother-in-law can live with us. We lovingly call the addition the “Audrey Wing”. When things are moving along and you have your goal in sight the unexpected can rock you to your core. On Friday November second, that is exactly what happened to all of us when we almost lost my mother-in-law. She was having trouble breathing and used her Life Alert button. Life Alert immediately called us to let us know she used it and in turn we called her. While we were on the phone with her, the EMT’S came and were checking her out. While they were examining her she got dizzy and collapsed. We were still on the phone and heard them calling her name to trying to get her to come to. And then we heard them reporting the use of CPR. We were beside ourselves, she was alone, we could not hold her hand or tell her we loved her, it was horrible. Then we heard her voice, and it was music to our ears! She was confused and did not know where she was, but she was back. They took her to the hospital and we jumped in the car to Binghamton. With Covid-19 we knew the possibility of seeing her was not likely, but we wanted to be there anyway. Audrey ended up having blood clots in her lungs that had traveled from her legs. The hospital said if she did not have Life Alert she most likely would not have made. We will be forever grateful to Life Alert, the EMT’S and Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton for taking care of Audrey. She is home now, but will need someone with her until her breathing regulates and strength returns. The doctors said it could take as long as two months. My husband took the first shift, and I am here for the second. Her primary care doctor is in the process of setting up nursing aides and physical therapy visits. In the meantime, we will be working as hard as we can to get the addition/renovation finished . We have a lot of wonderful times ahead of us and look forward to starting them soon!

Since we are talking about Audrey in this Blog, I am going to share a little bit about her and some of her completed space. With her permission of course!

Audrey is a four foot ten inch, sharp as a tact, Brooklyn born spit fire. She knows what she wants and usually gets it! She loves her family and friends fiercely! These are some of my favorite photos of Audrey. She had talked about getting a little girl statue for her garden forever. We surprised her with it on her birthday. As you can see she had no idea and was thrilled!

This is the shower in Audrey’s bathroom. I love the pebble tile she picked out for the floor and niche!

Audrey’s favorite color is blue. It looks amazing with the new dark wood floor!

Next week the hardwood floors in the dining room and kitchen will be weaved into the original floor and stripped and stained.

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