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Sometimes You Just Have To Go With Your Gut!

There are times, when I am designing a room or refinishing a piece of furniture, and I begin to doubt myself. It usually is the result of asking others their opinion or others giving their opinion without being asked. It can make me question my plan, go back and forth in my mind, get wishy-washy and basically stop what I was going to do! Don’t get me wrong. I value other people’s opinions. It can make me look at something from a different perspective and it gives me time to reevaluate my plan. The problem begins when I decide to move forward with a plan, but some uncertainty still remains. When I am wavering like this, I will dig deep and reach for my gut instinct. Ninety percent of the time, I am really happy with my decision! The other ten percent, I use as a learning experience!

I recently had to call upon my gut instinct regarding sconces I purchased on a trip to Pittsburgh, PA. The sconces are antique brass with beautiful detailing. The minute I saw them I knew they would be perfect for our new dining area. In my mind, I envisioned them whitewashed to tone down the brass and complement my design plan. However, the idea of whitewashing these sconces did not go over well with everyone in my family. A discussion brought about a mutual agreement to table the idea until the work on the dining area was finished. As the dining room was coming together, I felt more and more that the sconces needed to be painted. At the same time, my family began to see my design plan, and that the sconces did not fit in their present state. Even though my family was agreeing with me to a certain degree, it did not mean they were keen on painting the sconces. In the end, they trust my work, and left the decision to paint or not paint up to me. Of course this brought about some misgivings, but in the end I went with my gut!

This is one of the sconces. I love it, but the brassiness had to go!

I used Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint. It is perfect for this type of treatment.

I make sure to leave areas of brass showing. I do not want to lose it completely, I just want to tone it down.

The paint consistency is very thin, giving it a transparent look.

Now is when the fun starts. Using a soft cloth and my spray bottle I wipe the paint off.

Look how it gets into the crevices!

One of the sconces had shiny brass coming through. I was not able to tone it down with just paint.

I turned to another Annie Sloan product, Soft Dark Wax.

I mixed the dark wax with some of the Old White Chalk Paint.

It worked great on bringing down the shine.

It has a wonderful aged patina look now. I love it!

My gut did not let me down!

Things in the addition/renovation have slowed down a bit. Two of the kitchen cabinet doors were taken back for adjustment. The powder room is waiting for molding and glass for the mirror. I can not bring in the rest of the furniture in or hang drapes until the stairs and hallway floors are refinished. I am still mulling over ideas for my office. I can’t wait to get in there an arrange thigs so I can share the finished product with you!

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