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Styling The Hutch!

Styling pieces such as bookshelves, mantels, hutches and china cabinets can be a very difficult job, but at the same time rewarding. These pieces are often responsible for pulling a room together. They work by creating a focal point that draws your eye in. By using the same colors and textures that are in the room, it creates a cohesive and balanced look. The hard part is deciding what pieces to use and where to put them. I happen to love the challenge and when it is done, it feels great!

I am currently styling a hutch that I refinished a couple months ago. The hutch is one of the first things you see when you enter the kitchen/dining room area. Therefore, it needs to make an impression! I began by deciding what colors I would pull from the other rooms. I chose indigo, green and French blue. The dining area has upholstered French chairs, a chandelier and sconces. To keep the room from feeling to formal, I thought the hutch needed to have a more casual feel. I know I wanted to use some of my pieces from the Pfaltzgraff, “Pistoulet” collection. They are colorful and fun and will fit perfectly into the design. I also found “Pad Print” salad plates that have the green I wanted to bring into the display. Now begins the exciting part for me, putting it all together!

As you can see, the hutch used to be very formal looking, until I refinished it.

It is just waiting to be styled!

The small plate is the “Pad Print” from Pfaltzgraff. I love the green dot design!

My soup tureen from my Pfalztgraff collection found its place! Although, I did find use for it as a vase a couple weeks ago!

I added a cup and saucer from my collection, but I am still not feeling it. I think it is the white plate.

I was shopping in Wegmans grocery store in Rochester, N.Y and found these indigo plates. I really like the plates, but the “Pad Print” plate is too small next to it.

My solution was to add a larger white plate behind the “Pad Print” plate.

I love the way the place settings have their own little square in the hutch.

I went shopping to look for other pieces for the hutch. I found this beauty at Home Goods.

While I was at Home Goods, I picked up two faux boxwood plants to use as filler.

The colors of the pitcher go perfectly!

I still need one more thing for the bottom. I have been trying various items in my home with no success.

I was not able to find anything, but the mixing bowl works for now.

I am very pleased with how it came out. I will most definitely tweak it some more; because that is what I do!

Thanks to everyone who voted on which lamp shade to use in the family room. The over all winner was the French blue one! I will be showing how they look in the next Blog!

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