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Success At The Purple Painted Lady Festival 2021!

What an amazing weekend! The Purple Painted Lady Festival was a huge success. The weather was perfect, the music was fantastic, and the crowd was ready to have fun and buy things! Thank you Trish and Steven Kuntz for creating such a fantastic experience for Artisans and the community alike!

Opening the gates on Saturday morning, what a site!

This is just some of what they saw as they entered the festival!

As you were shopping and checking out the food trucks, you are serenaded by outstanding music! Can’t get much better than that!

My dear friend, Laura Abbott, helped me in the tent on Saturday. We had so much fun! She is also one heck of a salesperson!

This is a view of the tent on the first day. We hung the art work to break up all the white. We also added a couple rugs I purchased from Good Will to add softness. I really liked the over all look!

We sold all the artwork and many other pieces on Saturday! So much so we had to raid our house to fill up the tent for Sunday.

Sunday tent set up. People who have been in our house may recognize some items!

Funny story about these two pieces. I had them both for sale at the festival. A man came in and looked at a piece and said he really liked it. He was going to send his wife to take a look at it. His wife came and looked at a piece, but not the one her husband had looked at. The man had sent a picture of it to her so she knew which one he liked. She ended up paying for the one she liked. My husband Matt and I decided we were not going to get in the the middle of that. Later, the man came back to pick up the piece and he went to the one he liked. We told him she paid for the other. He left the tent and went to talk to his wife. He came back again, looked at the one she liked and left. Matt and I were wondering who was going to win out. Finally, the man came back with a friend and took the one she liked. We were just happy it ended well and that we made a sale! Which one do you think they bought? Leave a comment and let me know your guess!

The Purple Painted Lady Festival” is brimming with talented artists! These are just a few who were in the Red section with us!

To top it all off I was invited to talk to the Purple Painted Lady about possibly being part of their consignment team! Wow!

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