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Table Arrangements From Thrifted Items!

In last week’s post, I introduced you to three items I purchased from Goodwill. A silver-plated Lotus bowl that holds three candles, a small antique mirror, and a five votive candle holder. As promised, this week’s Blog shows you how I might style them to use in a tablescape. Lets get to it!

I will start with the Lotus bowl. I purchased some flowers from Trader Joe’s. You can not beat their prices. A bouquet of roses at my local grocery market was twenty dollars. I got the same bouquet for eight dollars at Trader Joe’s. With that price, I do not mind having to buy them!

I got the idea to use this plant from my front porch urn. I do not know what it is, but it will make great filler. If you recognize it, could you leave a comment below? It looks great and I would love to use it again!

I also used this variegated ivy for interest.

Since the vase came above the bowl, I tucked filler around the top to help hide it from view.

Then I added the ivy.

How amazing does this look!

It would be even more amazing if I had two, so I decided to look online to see if I could find another one.

Quite a few popped up! I picked out the one closest to the patina of mine. It was not three dollars like the one I purchased from Goodwill, but thirteen dollars was still a bargain.

They are almost identical. The one I purchased online is a little more shiny than I would like, but it will age in time.

If you are wondering about the green table cloth, I will address that in my next post.

The flowers look beautiful, but you could also use small pumpkins. For Christmas, you could fill the bowl with ornaments. Easter could have grass and colored eggs, or a bunnies, chicks. The options are endless!

Next up, I decided to use the mirror and the votive candle holder together.

I placed the votive holder on top of the mirror and covered it with straw. The straw was left over from a Harry and David gift box we received. It worked perfectly to cover the votive holder base. I was also able to use the flowers from the Lotus bowl arrangements.

I cut the flowers so they would sit in the straw. I added filler and kept working it until I liked the design.

For this arrangement I would definitely not use real candles. Mine are LED much safer!

I love the simplicity of it.

Again, this too can be used for any holiday or event. Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, anniversaries etc. etc.!

I have to mention, it may not be a good idea to use left over straw from a Harry and David box. I was in the kitchen and I smelled salami. I traced the smell to my new table arrangement. Apparently, the straw still held the smoky goodness of the gift basket.

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