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The Eagle Has Landed!

My mother-in-law made it to our house! She is safe and sound and getting acclimated to her new home. I have to say, the journey to get her here was challenging to say the least. My husband and I went to Binghamton over Thanksgiving break with the sole purpose of getting her packed and ready for the move. In our minds that meant clothing and essentials and the rest would come later. But the more we thought about it, having her move in without her things surrounding her, seemed rather sad. The three of us sat down to compile a list of items to make her new digs feel like home. As time went on, the list began to grow and grow until we ended up needing to rent a ten-foot truck and a trailer to tow my car (taking away the necessity for a second trip back to get it). When we made the original plan, there was no need for us to have additional help. By the time we identified everything that needed to come with us, the rest of the family was not available. My husband and I did it though. It was difficult, and often comical, but we put our heads together and figured it out!

This is the truck we ended up renting along with the trailer.

First bump in the road: My mother-in-law’s home has two entrances, one in the back where the truck was parked and one in the front. We could not move furniture through the back because there is a staircase with a motorized stair-chair on it. So that left us with the front as the only option. It was quite a distance from the front door to where the truck was parked. My mother-in-law said she had a hand truck that we could use to roll things out with. When we went to look for it, instead of a hand truck, we found a small luggage cart. Great for suitcases, but not for large pieces of antique furniture.

No hand truck, no problem! We used mom Siegel’s wheel chair. It worked great. We laughed every time we did it as we imagined what the neighbors were thinking!

The stair chair kept us from moving furniture, but it came in handy for large boxes. We also had fun riding it back up!

When it was all said and done, the truck and my car were filled to capacity and ready for take off!

Matt drove the truck and trailer back home and I left the next day with mom Siegel. We packed that car to capacity also!

It was such a busy week, I don’t have addition/renovation updates. But, when I got home, I was so excited to see that all of our floors were done. I will share more on that next week along with a video!

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