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Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree with “Dollar Tree” Finds and DIY Ornaments!

I love putting up our Christmas tree every year. It holds so many memories of our life as a family. But I have always wanted to have my own tree to decorate any way I wanted to. Since I could not imagine having a tree without all our special ornaments, I set my goal on getting another tree. As you can imagine the idea of a second tree was not a crowd favorite. Remember, I live with my husband and my two adult sons. Not to mention a Jewish mother-in-law. They just can’t see a purpose for a second tree.

This was going to be the year! I was going to get my second tree. I started the search as soon as Christmas trees hit the stores. I wanted a tree with no lights, which was surprisingly hard to find. I finally found one at Lowes at a great price and bought it!

Decorating it was another story. All my current Christmas decorations are for our family tree. I would have to purchase all new decorations, which was not in the budget. I turned to my DIY skills and my love of finding great bargains and decorated my tree for very little cost. It turned out better than even I expected!

The first thing I did with my Lowes Christmas tree, was fluff it out. This step is probably one of the most important in my book!

Having an artificial tree is very beneficial. Not just because of my allergies, but the fact that you can shape the branches anyway you want!

Look at branches on the left compared to the ones on the right. Fluffing makes quite the difference!

After fluffing out the tree, I added white lights. I started at the bottom of the tree, reaching in between the branches all the way to the back and winding it around the branches. When I get back to where I started, I then wound it around again, this time in the middle of the branches and ended with a third time around at the front of the branches. I do this for every section of branches on the tree. I know there are other methods to put on lights, but this one will guarantee that you have lights throughout the tree that are evenly placed.

Next, step is ribbon. I always add ribbon to my Christmas trees. It is a great way to add color, fullness and a flowing feature to the tree without spending a lot of money. I purchased this ribbon at Joann’s during a fifty percent off sale.

I put the ribbon on from the bottom to the top. As I placed the ribbon, I attached it to branches in a way that created a wavy look all the way up the tree.

I placed the ribbon a few inches apart all around the tree.

Tucking the ends in at the top.

I love the how it cascades all the way down the tree.

I recently made these ornaments out of Dollar Tree items. With the addition of these ornaments, and the iridescent ribbon, it made sense to have a winter wonderland theme for the tree.

To continue the winter wonderland look, I had an idea to make ornaments that looked like snow balls. I found these clear glass balls at Walmart for four dollars for a count of eight. At that price I bought four boxes!

To get the look crystalized like ice and snow. I used Mod Podge. It goes on white, but dries clear.

Then added glitter to create the magic!

I painted on the Mod Podge making sure it had an even coat all around.

Holding the ornament over a bowl, I sprinkled glitter on it turning as I went until it was completely covered.

It took only a few minutes to dry.

Look at all those snowballs!

I found these icicles at the Dollar Store two of them for a dollar. How perfect were they for the tree!



Love the combination!

For the topper, I purchased these floral picks at Joann’s during a fifty percent off sale.

I also used these pinecone swags, which were left over after decorating my mantel.

I pushed the floral picks into the tree pointing toward the ceiling.

Once the picks were in, I surrounded them with the pinecone swags.

I liked the look, but thought it was a little too dark. To add some light, I cut pieces of the iridescent ribbon and randomly stuck them in to break up the darkness.

To add a little more sparkle, I bought some plastic silver ornaments from Walmart for four dollars.

I am really happy with the way the second tree came out! It was an experience I will look forward to every year!

My question to all of you is: Do you have a second tree in your home? I would love to hear about other people’s experiences with a second tree.

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