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Upcycle A Picture Frame Inexpensively!

My office refresh is coming along wonderfully. I love the direction it is taking but I am coming to realize that many of the items I had in my office may not work anymore.

A perfect example would be the three “La Vie Parisienne prints I have. The prints still work, and I love them, but the frames are too plain. I priced out new frames and they are anywhere from $40-$70. Neither are what I wanted to spend.

Not to worry If I can’t buy them, I will tweak them instead!

I was looking for prints for months. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted, but the minute I saw them I knew they would be perfect.

I got these frames at Michael’s and they worked fine before, but not anymore.

I thought about how I could embellish them and came up with Iron Orchid design Molds and DAS air dry clay.

The molds are easy to use, and the designs are beautiful.

Work the clay into the mold then take a putty knife and scrape off the excess clay.

Making sure to push down to get into the mold detail

I forgot to get a picture of the clay coming out of the mold. I got this picture from the Iron Orchid Design website.

Hot glue clay mold to the frame.

The pieces do not reach all the way across. I had to piece them together.

I took small bits of clay and pushed them into the seam on the corner.

Using a brush, I smoothed the surface and worked it into the design.

When I was finished you could hardly tell that it was pieced together.

Once the molding was all on, I let it dry completely before painting.

I painted it with Anne Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.

The paint also helps to fill in any cracks that happened after drying.

It looks good like this, but I wanted to add some gold accent to complement my desk

I used Craftsmart Premium Gilding Paint in gold.

This stuff is stinky!

The finished frame. Just two more to go!

The before and after really shows the dramatic change! I am loving it!

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