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Update Turns To Upcycle!

For part of my Blog post this week, I was going to do an update on the topiaries I made. Two things prevented this. One: The boxwood I transplanted seems to have died. Two: When I tried to move the planter the bottom fell out. I was really bummed. It was one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to have two other planters that I could use to put the plants in. So, after I got all the dirt out of my sneaker, I got to work!

.After everything was done. I picked up the old planters to throw away. I was looking at the embellishments on the fronts of the planters. They were so pretty. It’s what drew me to them in the first place. After a closer inspection. I came to the conclusion that the embellishments could be removed and used some where else. This is where the upcycle comes into play!

After several weeks, the boxwoods I transplanted have no new growth and the stems were dry.

As it turned out, both planter bottoms were worn through.

The new planters are not as pretty as the old ones, but the new shrub and plants look good. The antique cloches on top that I got in Brimfield really set them off!

This is the embellishment I was talking about. I tried prying it off, but it was glued on tight.

I punched a hole in the metal so I could get the metal cutter in.

They cut through like it was butter.

Look at the detail.


Both are cut out. Next step, removing them from the metal.

I tried bending the metal. Some of it came loose, but I was afraid I would break it if I kept going.

My husband looked up how to remove something glued to metal. WD-40 to the rescue! It took about ten minutes to remove both pieces from the metal.

I know exactly what I want to use them for.

I found these ceramic boxes at Good Will. The embellishments will make a perfect accent.

I sprayed two coats of clear finish on both boxes so the paint will adhere.

I know it is hard to envision with the snowmen, but I promise it will be great!

I used Titebond II premium wood glue to put the pieces on.

The more glue the better. You can always wipe off the excess.

Both glued and ready to paint!

I am using a faux cement technique I’ve used before. The texture comes from mixing Waverly Mineral Chalk Paint and baking soda.

I use just the chalk paint on the embellishment. I do not want the detail to be lost with the textured paint mixture.

Are you beginning to see it now?

This is the texture I was talking about. When the white wax is applied, that is when the magic happens.

For the second box, I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Athenian Black and also mixed in baking soda for texture.

Again, using just the paint on the embellishments.

I really like the black color on the second box. I decided to use black wax instead of white wax which would give it a charcoal gray finish.

I paint the Art Minds Wax Cire on the cream color box.

I dabbed it off with paper towel.

I used Annie Sloan Black wax on the body of the black box.

I dry brushed some of the Art Minds Wax Cire on the embellishment to make it pop.

Both pieces came out beautifully, but needed more depth.

I used Annie Sloan White and Black wax and an antique dark wash to highlight each piece.

I added light and dark highlights to give it movement.

I added more highlights to the embellishment on this piece to make it stand out against the light background.

I am so excited that the embellishments from my old planters were reused. They look amazing!

I can see these pieces as planters or a place to put mail in an entryway. What other ways can you see these pieces being used? I would love to hear your ideas!

If you enjoyed the post, please “like” it. I would also love to hear any comments you may have!

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