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Vintage Finds On Craigslist!

I used to check Craigslist on a weekly basis but then Covid 19 hit. The last time I really went there was when I found my French chairs. Even though they were an amazing find, I decided that encountering strangers during a Pandemic wasn’t a good idea. As we are slowly reopening, I have started to look on Craigslist again. When I was scrolling through, two items jumped out at me. An old schoolhouse bench and an original seat from the Eastman Theater, an historic theater here in Rochester, NY. To my delight both were available. The schoolhouse bench will be for the laundry room. Because of the size of the laundry room and how it will double as a mud room for us, I needed something small for people to sit on while putting on or taking off their shoes. The bench fits the bill. It is not only small, but the seat folds up to give more space when needed. The Eastman Theater chair was a really cool find. Especially since I live in Rochester where Eastman Kodak was founded by George Eastman. When my husband and I picked up the seat, the seller told us his aunt had rescued it during a renovation of the theatre in the ’70’s. It has been in their family for fifty years and it was time to say good bye! I will put this seat in our front room. I love that we own a little piece of Rochester history!

This is the Old Schoolhouse bench. It has so much character. It will add a lot to the laundry/mudroom.

Having the option to fold it up is a great feature.

The wrought iron legs will tie in nicely with the black school house light and pendant in the room.

I’m not sure if I will reupholster it. I like that it is in its original state.

This is the only picture I could find with the original seats. That is definitely our chair!

I was curious about the metal rack under the chair. I researched it and found out it was a gentlemen’s hat rack.

I would say I had a successful vintage find weekend!

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