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What To Do With A 6 Foot Fence

My neighbors put up a privacy fence last year. Wonderful people, with two dogs, a new baby and a need to keep everyone safe and secure in their yard. I have no problem with the fence at all. I just had to somehow fit it into my backyard design. The fence is visible from the road and follows our property line all the way back. I liked this feature and want to highlight it. I thought about what we might need back there, and lights came to mind. I adore lanterns and started researching what was available. Solar powered ones would be the best choice for convenience (no candles to have to light), but they all seemed pretty pricey. We found some great ones at Joann Fabric’s on sale for buy one / get one half off. it was still more than I was hoping for, but even with the cost, I was pretty sure it would be worth the impact! I will just have to use budget friendly items for the rest of my design.

As you can see the fence follows the entire yard. Instead of fighting this feature, I chose to embrace it!

I have to admit measuring is not my forte. My method is “eyeballing”, which would explain why there are so many nail holes behind every piece of artwork in my home! Since “eyeballing” will not work in this case I attempted measuring and after several tries, gave up!. For me it was easier to count all the planks and divide by the number of lanterns (fourteen). This resulted in a lantern every sixteen planks and ten inches from top.  Once that was all decided, I used a piece of tape to mark where each lantern would go.

I knew I wanted wrought iron hooks with a simple design to hang the lanterns. I found these on Amazon. They were exactly what I as looking for!

I love the way your eye travels all the way to the back!

lanterns full 3


lanterns night 1

Since putting the lanterns up, you can find me outside looking at the view of the lanterns at night. It looks so cool from the street!

Next time: I have an idea to use bushel basket tops…


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