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What To Do With A Two Handled Jug!

Apparently, I could not decide. I changed direction so many times I was ready to call it a day! Sound familiar?

I purchased this two handled jug at Good Will for five dollars. The handle had been repaired, but I smoothed it out with Iron Orchid Design air clay.

Initially, I painted it with Annie Sloan Aubusson Chalk Paint and sealed it with Annie Sloan white wax.

I thought the Aubusson Blue was to bright, so painted it again. This time using Annie Sloan Athenian Black Chalk Paint. I finished with Annie Sloan dark and white wax. I still was not satisfied and went looking for inspiration at Hobby Lobby.

While looking around Hobby Lobby, I saw this lamp and thought it was beautiful. I loved the three dimensional design.

As I was leaving Hobby Lobby the same day. I saw a flower similar to the one on the lamp. It was soft and pliable. I took it home to see if I could possibly create the same design as the lamp.

I added clear coat sealer and used Plaster of Paris all in an attempt to harden it. After it dried I painted it. Although, it was a valiant effort on my part. In the end it did not work out. Bummer!

After removing the paint and flower. I am back to square one!

I purposely added texture with my brush strokes for interest.

As soon as, I put the Iron Orchid Design on, I knew I was on to something.

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