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50 posts and Counting! My First Milestone!

It is hard to believe I have written 50 posts! I started this Blog in June of 2019. What a journey its been! I built a rock wall, solved what to do with a six foot fence, visited many wonderful places, was a vendor at The Purple Painted Lady Festival, met Annie Sloan, showed you my furniture refinishing projects, room transformations, and my ideas for gardening and holiday decorating. I am so happy I was able to share what I love! Can’t wait for the next 50 posts!

It all began with a rock wall!

I dug!


       And dragged. It took hundreds of rocks and many weeks to build this rock wall.


                                     But in the end, the hard work was well worth it!

Some of the great places I visited!

I went to Rochester Public Market during the Christmas Holiday. It was cold, but a lot of fun!

Lots of great food!

Carriage Rides!

And of course plenty of crafts and holiday décor!

George Eastman Museum in Rochester, N.Y.

                                    I attended the Annual Gingerbread House display.

            I was blown away by the creativity and detailing of the gingerbread creations.

                                                    It is not just Ginger Bread Houses.

A whole lot of whimsy

Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Yado is an artists’ retreat. Katrina and Spencer Trask bequeathed their fortune and estate to establish a residency program for artists. James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Leonard Bernstein and John Cheever were some of the artists who stayed here. The grounds are open to the public to view. They are spectacular!

It was exciting to think some of the talented artists I mentioned above walked these same grounds.

I also saw the Horse Racing Hall of Fame and Saratoga Racetrack.

One of the most exciting events for me was the Purple Painted Lady Festival. I had the privilege of being selected as a vendor. It was a tremendous experience and I got to meet Annie Sloan!

This is the culmination of months of work. After the show was over, I was the most tired I have ever been. It took me two weeks to feel rested again. Would I do it again? Absolutely!

                                                                  Me and Annie Sloan!

Furniture Refinishing and Room Transformations!

I purchased this table for $5. I saw it and knew I needed to save it!

My old outdated bedroom dresser updated.

Old Music Sheet Cabinet turned into a bar.

Foot locker reimagined.

Room Makeovers

Master bedroom redo.

Hallway refresh.



Holiday Decorating!


These are just a few of the things I shared with you last year. I love what I do and am honored to have people come back weekly to see what I am up to! I will continue to share my adventures, new ideas, successes and missteps with you. Lets continue this ride… next stop 100!

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